Looking Ahead into the New Year…

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Hello again! Here we find ourselves at the close of another year and looking ahead to the next. So much, I am sure, has transpired in your life this past year, whether good or bad, it has been used to get you to this point in your Christian journey. Looking back on my own life, the trials and blessings that took place in 2018 were not something I ever would have chosen for myself or for those around me, but I give all glory to God for His wisdom and foresight into what is necessary in fashioning me after His design.

As we begin our lives in 2019, let’s take a moment to reflect on where we are at in our relationship with the Lord and what we would like to see happen, or be different in our lives. Personally, I would love to know what God’s vision is for my life and what He is calling of me to do at this particular moment before I proceed to make my own “resolutions”.

In church yesterday, our pastor spoke on Revelation 3:14-22 which Jesus addresses the church of Laodicia. He spoke about having the Lord anoint our eyes with His eye salve to give us His vision for the New Year. This was so encouraging to me, and I sure to many of those in attendance. And yet, it left me wondering if, will God truly give us a vision for the future? What happens when it seems like I only have a small task to accomplish, does that mean God is displeased with me? Why doesn’t God give us the complete picture for our lives all at once?

The beautiful thing about our Lord is He is faithfulness to minister to His children and to reveal His will and plan to us if we are, not only willing to hear Him, but to obey Him as well! This morning in my personal devotions (going through a new “read the Bible in a year” plan) I was in the book of Joshua chapters 1-5, where God is leading Joshua to become the new leader of the Israelites. The passage in Chapter 1, where the Lord encourages Joshua to not be afraid and be of good courage three times. He promises to never leave nor forsake him (Joshua 1:5), and that he must meditate on the Word of God day and night that he would be able to observe to do all that is commanded in it (verse 7). This is the same promise we have as the church today, “Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself said, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.’ So we may boldly say: ‘The Lord is my Helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me?'” (Hebrews 13:5-6)  With this incredible promise, we can proceed in our walk with the Lord with such confidence in God’s faithfulness and His promise to be with us as we seek to please Him by reading and obeying His Word.

After this promise was given to Joshua, God commanded him to do some pretty radical things in bring the Israelites into the Promised Land. What the Lord brought to my mind this morning as I was reading and praying, was that God only revealed each subsequent step of His plan to Joshua only after he obeyed the first command given to him. We read in Chapter 1 verses 10 through 16, Joshua making plans to cross the Jordan River into the Promised Land. He addresses the three tribes who were given the land, the Ruebenites, the Gadites and half the tribe of Manassah,  on that side of the Jordan, to go to battle with their fellow Israelites to help them possess the land on the other side of the river. I love the passage in verse 16 where, after the three tribes agree to go with them and as they do, they remind Joshua to be strong and of good courage, thus repeating God’s command He gave to Joshua in Chapter 1.  He served under Moses as he led the Israelites out of their bondage to Egypt, and saw the many miracles performed through Moses. Now, Joshua is faced with leading these people into the Promised Land, after his leader and mentor had passed on from this life. I am sure Joshua was grieving the loss of his teacher, and wondering what the Lord had in mind for him and his people.

The passing of another year reminds us of where we were, the things we learned and the failings of our flesh, and looking ahead to the unknown. It is important to not get stuck in the past,  but to look on to the future with the assurance of God’s presence in our lives.  Much like Joshua could have been stuck looking to his past and how much better things were when Moses was there. The pressure of performing wasn’t there and he could trust Moses to make the tough decisions. We need to not remain in our current state in our walk with the Lord. Our goal should be growth, to not be the same person we were the year before, and embrace the calling placed on our lives for this season.

Joshua faced many uncertainties, as he looked ahead and saw the insurmountable obstacles that were in his way. Instead of focusing on the things around him, he began his new ministry with obedience and reliance on the Lord, a recipe for success for any believer. He began the preparations for crossing over the Jordan River even though he didn’t know how the Lord would do get them across.  Two spies were sent out to search out the city of Jericho directly on the other side of the river, and were sovereignly protected by the Lord through the harlot, Rahab. While they were there, they heard of the terror that the people of Jericho had towards the Israelites,  and knew of the miracles performed by God on their behalf. (Joshua 2:9-11) When the spies returned to Joshua with their report, I’m sure it bought comfort to him.

The Bible tells us in Chapter 3 verse 1, that Joshua rose early in the morning to prepare the people to cross over the Jordan, no delaying, but acting swiftly and doing all that God commanded him to do. After Joshua prepared to cross, the Lord spoke to him again, promising to exalt him in the sight of Israel as Moses had been, but only after the Levites took up the ark and stood in the Jordan. What would have happened in Joshua complained and questioned God’s method? “God, how are we going to get across? What about the cities on the other side? Aren’t You going to tell me what I need to do?” How often do we question God and fail to take Him at His Word? I know I do more than I’d like to admit.

Is there a “river” that you need to cross in your walk as a believer?  Are struggling to obey Him? Are there fortified cities of depression, fear, or anger standing in your way even after you cross over that prevents you from proceeding? I challenge you dear sister or brother, to step out into the unknown, into that river, and only then will you be given the next set of directions from the Lord. Once the Levites, with the ark of the Lord, stepped into the Jordan, the waters were cut off from their source and the people were able to cross over on dry ground (Joshua 3:15-17), a truly amazing feat made possible only by our Lord.

After this, we find God speaking to Joshua again. He commanded him to gather 12 leaders from the tribes to collect 12 stones, and set them up as a memorial for future generations of God’s faithfulness. They were to tell their children of how the waters of the Jordan stood still and the people crossed on dry ground (Joshua 4:1-7).  Let’s think of a way we can apply this to our lives today.  Let’s think of these 12 stones as the 12 months of the year and that you could write down the blessings in your own life and set them us as a reminder. These 12 stones, or months in our case, served a great purpose in not only the lives of those setting them up but also for the generation’s to come.  These memorials are also called “Ebenezer stones” referenced in 1 Samuel 7:12, “And Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpeh and Shen, and called the name of it Ebenezer, saying, ‘Jehovah has helped us now.”.  It is essential for us, who know the Lord, to have reminders for ourselves of God’s faithfulness in our lives. Let’s be laying the groundwork for spiritual success for this next generation through encouragement and prayer. Otherwise, they will be getting their purpose and vision from the world and the enemy of our faith.

For this coming year, my friend,  I pray that you would be obedient to the task or tasks the Lord is calling you to do, even if it doesn’t make sense to you, to trust the natur eand goodness of our Heavenly Father (Proverbs 3:5-6)  It is often only after we step out in faith that the Lord reveals the next part of His plan to us! Let us also pray that the Lord would show us the Ebenezer stones He would have us set up in our lives as a memorial of God’s love and faithfulness to us each month of this coming year.

God bless you in this new year and in your relationship with the Lord. Let us make sure we fix our eyes on the Author and Finisher of our faith and not be pulled to the right or to the left, for when we do, we will find rest for our souls and success in our lives.



How to have a Personal Bible Time

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Good morning! I’m so happy you have chosen to stop by and take part in our discussion today! This topic is one that is near and dear to my heart. For those of us that grew up attending church, we heard how important reading our Bible was. I was one of these children, but unfortunately I never really knew the reason it was so encouraged. It wasn’t until I was 19 years old that the Lord really had gotten a hold of my mind and heart and impressed upon me the need for this daily ritual.

I was gifted a beautiful red leather bound Life Application Study Bible in 2003 by my mother and it would forever change my life! This became the tool that the Lord used in my spiritual life to grow me year after year. I lovingly highlighted important passages and wrote in the margins thought provoking ideas and convictions. The desire for His Word was placed in me by His Holy Spirit and an understanding and wisdom of what the verses meant and how to apply them to my life.

Now as a mother and wife, I find my time before my family awakens for the day my most sacred time, as I quiet myself and dive into the timeless truths in the Bible. I definitely have had seasons of my life when spending any length of time in the Word was a chore (pregnant, newborn stage, sick etc.) but effort needs to be put in to make sure we are being spiritually fed. In Matthew 4:4, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.'” If we want to be spiritually healthy, we will put forth the effort needed to maintain our diet of the Word of God. It is really that simple!  We can have seasons where we might only get to a few verses, but these precious morsels will sustain you through the difficulties of life.  Please consider this statement made by David when he was commanded to buy the threshing floor from Araunah in 2 Samuel 24:18-25. In verse 24, after Araunah offered to give the property to David for free, David says, “‘No!’ the king replied to Araunah. ‘I will buy them from you at full price. I won’t offer to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.”  

It is often a sacrifice reading the Bible, whether it’s our time, energy, focus etc. We know we are to tithe to the Lord 10% of our monetary gain, but what about our time? He deserves this sacrifice from us, but, trust me, the blessings far outweigh any effort put forth by us.

In light of all of these reasons to have Bible time, let’s look at several approaches to this essential time in the Bible.

fullsizeoutput_c1e.jpeg2018 products used by Jennifer Christine in her personal Bible time: Tyndale Chronological Bible Bible Travel JournalMicron Pigma Black Pen 02, and Staples Hype! Liquid Highlighters (My absolute favorite highlighters).

Here is an example of my current years Bible time tools, and I am having so much fun! This lovely Bible was a gift from my dear mother-in-law. I have been able, by God’s grace, to keep up with the daily readings. There were times in my personal life that mirrored where I was in Scripture, and I knew that was no coincidence. God’s Word is alive and life changing!!


(Here is a quick peek inside the Chronological Bible and today’s reading. I added a few highlighted areas I wanted to remember.)

What I like about this version is how it currently has all of the gospels lined up in the same reading so I can see each disciple’s viewpoint of when they were inspired by the Lord to write these books. This layout has helped me to keep mostly consistent with my daily readings.


(Another view of the lovely cover!)


Another key aspect of my Bible time is writing in my journal. This year I haven’t been as consistent with writing in this due to the fact I have been working on having a more active prayer life. I have started my version of a “War Binder,” inspired by the movie, “War Room,” and from some amazing posts on Pinterest. Journaling during your Bible time may or may not be something that you desire to incorporate, and that is totally fine. I think it also depends on your personality and how you study.

The butterfly covered Travel Journal is my prayer journal (aka my “War Binder”). I am going to dive into that in more detail when I do my next blog on “Biblical Prayer”

I hope this little glimpse into my personal Bible Time has inspired you to either start one or to continue in your journey with the Lord in His Word. The next blog post on Bible time will be using an example from a friend’s quiet time who has a different approach to studying the Bible but by no means is it less than my own.

God bless you on your journey of seeking truth.