How to have a Personal Bible Time

Woman of the Word

Good morning! I’m so happy you have chosen to stop by and take part in our discussion today! This topic is one that is near and dear to my heart. For those of us that grew up attending church, we heard how important reading our Bible was. I was one of these children, but unfortunately I never really knew the reason it was so encouraged. It wasn’t until I was 19 years old that the Lord really had gotten a hold of my mind and heart and impressed upon me the need for this daily ritual.

I was gifted a beautiful red leather bound Life Application Study Bible in 2003 by my mother and it would forever change my life! This became the tool that the Lord used in my spiritual life to grow me year after year. I lovingly highlighted important passages and wrote in the margins thought provoking ideas and convictions. The desire for His Word was placed in me by His Holy Spirit and an understanding and wisdom of what the verses meant and how to apply them to my life.

Now as a mother and wife, I find my time before my family awakens for the day my most sacred time, as I quiet myself and dive into the timeless truths in the Bible. I definitely have had seasons of my life when spending any length of time in the Word was a chore (pregnant, newborn stage, sick etc.) but effort needs to be put in to make sure we are being spiritually fed. In Matthew 4:4, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.'” If we want to be spiritually healthy, we will put forth the effort needed to maintain our diet of the Word of God. It is really that simple!  We can have seasons where we might only get to a few verses, but these precious morsels will sustain you through the difficulties of life.  Please consider this statement made by David when he was commanded to buy the threshing floor from Araunah in 2 Samuel 24:18-25. In verse 24, after Araunah offered to give the property to David for free, David says, “‘No!’ the king replied to Araunah. ‘I will buy them from you at full price. I won’t offer to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.”  

It is often a sacrifice reading the Bible, whether it’s our time, energy, focus etc. We know we are to tithe to the Lord 10% of our monetary gain, but what about our time? He deserves this sacrifice from us, but, trust me, the blessings far outweigh any effort put forth by us.

In light of all of these reasons to have Bible time, let’s look at several approaches to this essential time in the Bible.

fullsizeoutput_c1e.jpeg2018 products used by Jennifer Christine in her personal Bible time: Tyndale Chronological Bible Bible Travel JournalMicron Pigma Black Pen 02, and Staples Hype! Liquid Highlighters (My absolute favorite highlighters).

Here is an example of my current years Bible time tools, and I am having so much fun! This lovely Bible was a gift from my dear mother-in-law. I have been able, by God’s grace, to keep up with the daily readings. There were times in my personal life that mirrored where I was in Scripture, and I knew that was no coincidence. God’s Word is alive and life changing!!


(Here is a quick peek inside the Chronological Bible and today’s reading. I added a few highlighted areas I wanted to remember.)

What I like about this version is how it currently has all of the gospels lined up in the same reading so I can see each disciple’s viewpoint of when they were inspired by the Lord to write these books. This layout has helped me to keep mostly consistent with my daily readings.


(Another view of the lovely cover!)


Another key aspect of my Bible time is writing in my journal. This year I haven’t been as consistent with writing in this due to the fact I have been working on having a more active prayer life. I have started my version of a “War Binder,” inspired by the movie, “War Room,” and from some amazing posts on Pinterest. Journaling during your Bible time may or may not be something that you desire to incorporate, and that is totally fine. I think it also depends on your personality and how you study.

The butterfly covered Travel Journal is my prayer journal (aka my “War Binder”). I am going to dive into that in more detail when I do my next blog on “Biblical Prayer”

I hope this little glimpse into my personal Bible Time has inspired you to either start one or to continue in your journey with the Lord in His Word. The next blog post on Bible time will be using an example from a friend’s quiet time who has a different approach to studying the Bible but by no means is it less than my own.

God bless you on your journey of seeking truth.

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